Creation in drawing

Creation in drawing – a way to note first ideas for the next step

Creation through drawing is the initial step in the artistic process. It serves as a personal notebook for artists, a tradition that has endured for centuries. Through drawing, and drawing creativity artists capture their initial ideas and sketches, which may later evolve into more refined designs for works created using various techniques, such as oil paintings or graphics. The drawings of renowned Italian Renaissance artists, including the iconic Leonardo da Vinci, are an essential component of the global artistic heritage. In fact, an artist’s life is intertwined with drawings, as they enable the recording of both thoughts and tangible objects. The lines meticulously crafted with a pencil or other tools not only capture the artist’s imagination but also bring visible elements to life.

Drawing as an individual art form

A drawing possesses the ability to stand alone as an autonomous and complete work of art. Within this gallery, I proudly showcase a collection of such drawings, predominantly executed in pen art, using the pen and ink technique. This particular method grants me the freedom to achieve precision, texture differentiation, and striking contrasts, even within a confined space.

Upon completing my initial drawing, an insatiable urge compels me to create another. So drawings and drawings are created. It is as if the first drawing failed to fully convey my artistic expression. Thus, a cycle is born, one drawing leading to the next. To distinguish each piece within this thematic cycle, I bestow them with unique titles, rather than resorting to mere numbering. This practice serves to emphasise the individuality and distinctiveness of each drawing.

These drawings hold an integral position within my artistic repertoire. I proudly present them on this platform, as well as in exhibitions alongside my other works.

Creation through Sketches

Within the pages of my sketchbook lie a collection of drawings, which I refer to as my primary sketches. These humble depictions capture the essence of my initial ideas. It is not uncommon for me to dismiss them in my first emotional response, deeming them uninteresting. Yet, as time passes and I revisit these sketches, I uncover their hidden worth. This is why it is crucial to take note of them and diligently engage with my own imagination. In this way drawing ideas for drawing as an individual art piece is born, creative art in drawing is done. It is a practice that requires self-understanding and patience.

Cloudy landscapes

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