Figurative drawing – Melancholy

Figurative drawing – Melancholy

Melancholy is a complex emotional state that resides on the delicate boundary between sadness and tranquility. It can be described as a serene form of sadness, a mood that is often experienced by those who possess wisdom derived from a deep understanding of life and its intricacies. Life, as we all know, is a tapestry woven with both moments of joy and sorrow. The balance between these two is subjective, varying from person to person based on their individual perspectives. However, it is widely acknowledged that sorrows tend to outnumber joys.

The human existence is far from simple. We navigate through life, cherishing its pleasures, yet inevitably encountering problems and challenging circumstances along the way. Acknowledging the inevitability of these hardships can help us maintain a sense of calm amidst the sadness. Personally, I find solace in this knowledge, understanding that sadness is an integral part of life that cannot be avoided. However, I also hold onto the belief that it is transient, and will eventually give way to joy. This understanding grants me the strength to endure.

In the midst of this emotional journey, I find myself seated in a chair, enveloped in melancholy. From this vantage point, I gaze out into the world with the eyes of a young woman, aware that there are countless events and experiences awaiting me in the future.

In this figurative drawing the woman’s figure is tilted, it may seem that her position on the chair is not stable. I chose this way to further emphasise her mood.


Melancholy, pen and ink, 78 x 52 cm, year of creation 2000

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