Body drawings

Body drawings: the captivating story behind drawings of woman body

A drawing is often regarded as a lesser form of art compared to an oil painting, for instance. It is rare to find artists who solely focus on creating drawings. The allure of color and its expressive possibilities make it challenging to abandon and confine oneself to drawing alone. However, drawing possesses its own distinct and unique advantages. In artists’ studios, it is often produced alongside paintings. Personally, I predominantly employ ink and pen drawing in my work, as I find this technique particularly appealing. It allows me to convey a great deal on a small piece of paper.

In this context, I would like to present two small drawings featuring a female figure. I depict them as flat forms, seemingly cut out of some material. These figures lack hands and feet, appearing broken and perforated. One might perceive them as mutilated. However, it was not my intention to narrate tales of human suffering. Instead, through these black and white figurative drawings, I aim to capture the intensity of specific moments, as suggested by the titles: “Rest” and “Relaxation.” In such instances, one can momentarily release all their troubles and let them drift away.

I did not dress these women, they are naked. Nude in art allows you to show a person as he is. These two drawings are, in a sense, female nude art. These drawings have become drawings for art of the unusual image of women.

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