Realistic drawings

Realistic drawings – what does it mean?


First, let us delve into the concept of realism in art. A commonly accepted definition suggests that realist art portrays visible reality in its true form. However, it is important to acknowledge that each individual perceives reality through their own unique lens. This raises a multitude of questions. The truth is, even when an artist meticulously captures the essence of reality in their drawings or paintings, they inevitably infuse their own artistic interpretation into the work.

When I gaze upon a person’s face, my curiosity lies in the emotions and thoughts that it conveys. A person’s face serves as a gateway to their inner self, offering a glimpse into the enigmatic depths of the human psyche. It is a captivating phenomenon, intangible and immeasurable, yet undeniably present.

In my drawing titled “Four in One,” I employed the technique of multiplication. Through this artistic choice, I aimed to emphasise the profound intensity emanating from this young girl’s being. The composition comprises a series of portraits, each illuminated in a distinct manner. The interplay of dark shadows and radiant light not only accentuates the background of the paper but also breathes life into this multiplied portrait. The human being, with all its complexities, serves as an infinite wellspring of inspiration. I am constantly driven to depict the multifaceted nature of mankind, finding endless reasons to capture its essence through my art.

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