White and black drawing

Drawing in Shades: How White and Black Art Can Convey Emotion and Depth


White and black drawing, the monochromatic artwork transcends the simplicity of black and white. Despite utilising only these two colors, the pen and ink technique allows me to intertwine the white of the page with delicate black lines. By thickening the grid of lines, I create a spectrum of varying shades of grey. Within my white and black drawing, I incorporate gentle shadows that soften the sharp contours of the figures. These subtle transitions are essential in capturing the ethereal essence of the woman’s dreamlike state, embodying her captivating beauty. Through my art, I aim to depict those extraordinary moments when one finds themselves in an alternate dimension, existing alongside their conscious reality. The realm of slumber serves as a tantalising glimpse into an eternal journey.



Sleepytime, drawing by Jolanta Johnsson
pen, ink 40 x 60 cm year of creation 2001

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