Oil painting in Jolanta Johnsson Gallery

Oil painting gallery in Malexander

Oil painting on canvas is my favourite technique. Jolanta Johnsson lives in Malexander, Sweden, a village beautifully situated by lakes and surrounded by forests. This is where she has her art studio and where she creates oil paintings.Oil paints appeared in Europe in the Middle Ages. These paints offer possibilities that no other technique does. They can be layered, unsuccessful parts of a painting can be painted over, and you can start again. In short, you can wander around the canvas and finally reach your goal, the finished painting on canvas.


Visual artist Jolanta Johnsson presents online gallery art in different techniques: painting, graphics and drawing

The finished oil painting

The completion of an oil painting is a decision solely entrusted to the artist. However, this decision is not always definitive or absolute. Time serves as a crucial companion to the artist, as it allows for a transformation in his perspective. It is through the passage of time that hidden elements are unveiled, and the logic behind the painting becomes clearer. Consequently, the finished painting is returned to the easel for further refinement.

At this juncture, an intriguing process commences, Jolanta Johnsson says: I am filled with anticipation, eager to discover whether I will continue along the same path I initially embarked upon when I first began working on the painting. Alternatively, will I veer off in an entirely different direction? Ultimately, the finished painting never fails to astonish me once again.

Over the years, I have revisited numerous paintings which are presented in the oil paintings gallery. Truly painting should convince me with its logic and composition. As time elapses, my comprehension deepens, and I increasingly understand the fact that Leonardo da Vinci spent twelve years perfecting the Mona Lisa. So, in the case of some of my paintings, after a few years they become finished and can be considered as oil paintings for sell.

The Human Figure in Art

The human being is a complex amalgamation of beauty and goodness, as well as ugliness and evil. We are forever bound to this inherent duality. It is precisely this tension between these opposing forces that gives birth to the very essence of art. At times, I find myself captivated by the sheer magnificence and diversity of the natural world, with its awe-inspiring array of plants and animals, questioning whether it is truly worthwhile to focus on the human form. Yet, time and time again, this subject resurfaces, compelling me to explore it further. As a result, figurative representations have become a recurring theme in many of my artistic creations not only as oil paintings, but also in such techniques as drawings, and graphics


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