Landscape paintings

Landscape paintings in Jolanta Johnson’s art.

My approach to landscape painting is distinct for each artwork, encompassing a diverse range that captures various facets of nature. The term “landscape” is broad, typically evoking images of a vista defined by a horizon line, depicting heaven&earth. However, do we truly perceive it in every instance? To truly witness the juncture where the earth meets the sky, one must venture beyond the confines of the city and immerse themselves in the embrace of nature. But is that the sole realm where we encounter it? Allow me to share some promising tidings.


Landscape is everywhere

Landscape is an omnipresent force, permeating even the bustling city streets. Within the realm of visual art, this captivating phenomenon is often referred to as a cityscape or urban landscape. For some artists, this genre holds such profound allure that it becomes an integral part of their artistic repertoire. However, there are also those, like the esteemed Swiss artist Paul Klee, who create urban images that do not hold the same level of significance in their body of work.

The landscape, in all its splendor, serves as the backdrop to our lives. Regardless of our location, we find ourselves enveloped by a landscape. Yet, it is only certain vistas that have managed to captivate the imaginations of artists to such an extent that they have spawned countless masterpieces.

The landscape, in all its grandeur, serves as the stage upon which our lives unfold. Regardless of our whereabouts, we find ourselves encircled by a landscape that holds the power to inspire and captivate. Yet, it is only select vistas that have managed to seize the hearts and minds of artists, giving birth to a multitude of artistic creations.


Landscape in Nature

Undoubtedly, landscapes are the most dominant type of scenery that captivates me. Whether it’s a lush forest, a serene meadow, a glistening lake, or the vastness of the sea, these natural vistas inspire me the most. The mere sight of these landscapes evokes a profound connection within me. I don’t require a visible horizon to feel the essence of a landscape; I am enveloped by the tangible presence of both living and non-living elements that define our Earth. Every inch of this magnificent creation showcases its abundance and diversity. However, amidst this splendor, I often find myself overwhelmed, unsure of what to choose or how to capture its essence on canvas. After all, why attempt to replicate something so perfect in reality?


The Need to Express Emotions

Yet, the answer lies in an inexplicable need that resides within me. It is a deep-seated desire that defies explanation. This is why art is created, and why I paint landscapes. It is through this creative expression that I can convey the emotions that stir within me when I encounter these breathtaking scenes.


Landscape paintings – abstract

In my abstract landscape paintings, I employ vibrant colors and bold shapes to capture the very essence of nature, rather than striving for a realistic portrayal. This particular style of painting emerges when I lean over plants, pebbles, twigs, and flowers, observing their unique arrangements that seem like paintings within paintings. All I need to do is simply notice these natural wonders, transfer them onto a rectangular canvas, and enclose them within a carefully crafted composition. The outcome is a painting that I aspire to be a true reflection of my impressions, while simultaneously paying homage to its origin – nature.


See abstract landscape


The landscape is in each of us

I firmly believe that the essence of the landscape resides within me. In fact, I dare to claim that it resides within each and every one of us. It is shaped by the paths our sensitivity traverses, the moments that captivate our senses. These are the very places where we should pause, fully appreciating the abundance bestowed upon us.

When it comes to my approach to landscape paintings, I strive to celebrate the grandeur and awe-inspiring beauty of nature. Through my work, I aim to serve as a gentle reminder of the significance of safeguarding and treasuring the natural world that surrounds us.