What is a visual art

What is a visual art? What is visual artist?

In my understanding, art is something that transcends practical needs and is deemed unnecessary. However, it holds a profound significance. An artist is an individual who possesses an inexplicable urge to create art. They may not know why, but the compulsion to express impressions, thoughts, or ideas on canvas or paper (specifically within the realm of visual arts) is so powerful that the question of purpose becomes secondary. The desire to produce something unprecedented takes precedence – this is what true creativity entails (at least, in my perception). Although I work within my limitations, I constantly strive to surpass them and acquire new skills. Through personal experience, I have learned that without moments of intense introspection, during which I can deconstruct what I have already accomplished, I will not feel as though I have truly created an image, such as a contemporary painting. So, answering the question: what is the visual art, i say: art is an endeavour that requires effort. We, visual artists, exhibit it in various forms, including online galleries and modern art museums. 


Contemporary artist is free

Contemporary artists enjoy freedom in their craft. In my opinion, the act of creating visual art allows individuals to liberate themselves from various constraints. Perhaps it helps them escape from mundane issues or negative thoughts about others. Of course, artists are not necessarily saints. Nevertheless, when an artist is true to themselves and wholeheartedly engages in their artistic journey, it becomes such a profound experience that there is no room for negative thoughts, not even about an unpleasant mother-in-law. Perhaps this is the key in visual art meaning? But to ask a serious question: what is visual artists call – I will simply reply – do your job and be happy with it.