Landscaping painting – Autumn leaves

Landscaping painting


Autumn leaves is a piece of art, expertly crafted on a 130 x 100 cm canvas using oil as the medium. It is an example of a landscaping painting.

This statement is somewhat provocative and perhaps a bit exaggerated. When we think of landscaping, we typically envision the organization of larger spaces where humans impose order upon nature. However, it is worth questioning what it truly means to bring order to nature. Nature operates under its own set of rules and functions perfectly well without human interference. Yet, as inhabitants of this world, there are instances when we desire to mold nature to fit our needs and ideals. This is when we begin to shape the landscape. In urban areas, we designate specific spots for trees and delineate lawns. Undoubtedly, the impact of such designs starkly contrasts with the natural order. Even in landscapes outside the city, human intervention is immediately apparent. Moreover, are there any remaining places where nature is left to manage itself? Such locations are becoming increasingly scarce.

However, there exists a particular time, a season, when nature encroaches upon our meticulously arranged landscapes and disrupts their order. It is during autumn that trees shed their leaves, and the wind carries them wherever it pleases. Leaves blanket the pavements, streets, and gardens, defying our attempts at control. In this moment, nature becomes the omnipresent artist creating own landscaping painting. On sunny days, fallen leaves glisten in the sunlight, radiating warm shades of brown that almost resemble gold. This is when we declare the arrival of the golden autumn. It is a brief yet enchanting time of year. I captured this fleeting moment, or rather, a small fraction of the mesmerizing spectacle of autumn leaves. As usual, I feel it is not complete. 



Autumn leaves, oil on canvas, 130 x 105 cm, year of creation 2015

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