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In Malexander you can visit Jolanta Johnsson’s personal art gallery, while several other places are worth visiting. Malexander is simply a wonderful old church village located on the northern shore of the Sommen lake, in the district of Boxholm.

Malexander centre

In the center of Malexander there is a square which is a regular meeting place during the summer months when local and visiting producers sell their wares. At one edge of the square stands a towering lime tree, as well as the bench around it offering coolness when the sun gets too hot.

Malexander Church

There is every reason to believe that a church has existed in Malexander at least since the 13th century. The present church was completed in 1881 and rebuilt in 1929 after a fire. Every Saturday at 18:00, the church bells traditionally ring in the approaching weekend. During the summer, the church is usually open to visitors.

Brigitta cottage

The parish house next to the church is called Birgittastugan and is moved from the cape Aspenäs in Sommen. The name comes from the fact that Birgitta Birgersdotter (later Saint Birgitta) spent some time as a young woman on Aspenäs farm, which at that time, i.e. in the 14th century, was owned by Councillor Knut Jonsson. However, the house that is now known as Birgittahuset is of a much later date and chronologically and stylistically dates from the 18th

South Sand Malexanders Hembygdsgård

The farm is actually called Sand. The first known record of the farm is made in 1558 and mentions Måns på Sanden. It was owned by the church for a long time, probably since the 14th century, and in later times it was used under the parsonage Tumbo. Sand was a meager homestead and in 1671 had been reduced from 1/2 to 1/4 mantal, which was the absolute minimum size for a viable unit. Eight of the ten buildings are located where they were originally built, and Södra Sand is the only homestead in Östergötland where the farm picture is preserved from the time when the farm was used. The forge and meadow barn has been moved here and built up in the western part of the farm. The farm was inhabited until 1954. It was donated to the Malexanders Hembygdsförening, which had been founded in 1935. A large number of objects in the houses reflect the old farming society in the days of natural husbandry.

The guesthouse

Gatstugan is the oldest poorhouse in the parish. It was built in 1689 and is probably the oldest building in Malexander. It is located on its original site by the street. The road used to run just outside the door of the cottage. In a village, there were often one or more gatehouses at the village center and on the village common. The cottage now belongs to the Malexanders Hembygdsförening.

House of Swords

Svärdshuset, located on Malexander’s main street, Kisavägen, is an inn owned by Görgen and Karin Svärd. The inn is housed in the older of the two surviving schoolhouses in the village. It is a restaurant with its own unique atmosphere. It serves delicacies such as perch and char from the waters of Summer. There is also a mini golf course in the garden.


The community center

Behind the Sword, House is Malexander’s Association House. You only have to visit the Malexander website to see that, despite the fact that barely a hundred people live here permanently, Malexander has a vibrant club scene. Of paramount importance to the functioning of the community is, of course, Malexander’s village association, which is also responsible for the community center.


Malexander’s campsite is located just behind the church with a wonderful view of the Sommen. Every summer the site is fully booked, mainly with motorhomes and caravans. Most of them are tourists who return year after year. Which is quite understandable considering how beautiful Malexander is. Among the guests are people from several European countries. Contacts online help to make this place popular and visited.

The bathing site

Of course, you can swim almost anywhere in the clear, clean waters of Summer. The public bathing area with jetties is located next to the campsite. It hosts a swimming school for children every year and offers a safe bathing area with the surrounding jetties.


Jolanta Johnsson recommends Sommen: Malexander is located on lake Sommen, which, with an area of 130 square kilometers, is the country’s 20th largest lake. The water is crystal clear and the lake has a large number of islands and offers a unique experience of beautiful Scandinavian nature. Of course, fishing here is a special experience. At the campsite, you can rent a canoe or kayak to get out on the water and perhaps visit one of the lake’s islands.