How to draw a complete drawing

How to draw a complete drawing – Reverse portrait


Can such a question be posed? What is meant by a complete drawing? A drawing is often created to quickly capture an idea or note down an arrangement. In these cases, we are referring to a sketch, rather than a fully developed drawing. Artists also produce more intricate drawings that serve as a foundation for other artistic techniques. The primary masterpiece is then crafted using a technique that offers a broader range of expressive possibilities. A prime example of this is the relationship between drawing and sculpture. Sculptors heavily rely on drawing, even creating blueprints for their sculptures. Without this visualisation, it becomes challenging to commence sculpting. However, sculptors are primarily recognised for their three-dimensional sculptures, which are distinct from drawings on paper.

The situation is slightly different for painters. Drawing and painting both exist on a flat surface. Nevertheless, it is evident that a painting possesses greater potential for impact and can be considered a complete work of art.

But what about a drawing? Within my body of work, there are drawings that I can describe as complete. How does one create such a drawing? By immersing oneself in the act of drawing and exploring the vast array of shades of grey and black, enveloping the white areas of the paper with them, allowing the white to engage in a dialogue with the blacks and greys. The outcome is a drawing that I have no desire to replicate using any other technique. It satisfies my need for expression. It is whole. One such drawing is the Reverse portrait, which was brought to life in 2000. Even after the passage of time, it still holds its significance in my eyes. Its message remains relevant to me – many things possess a reverse side. Yet, it is possible to perceive them in the same manner as the woman depicted – in a serene, almost dreamlike state.



Reverse portrait, pen ink on paper, 52 x 78 cm, year of creation 2000

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