Wall art abstract – The forest

Wall art abstract – The Impact The forest in Your Living Room Decor


The forest is a mystical realm, which is why countless fairy tales are set within its depths. It is a place of dense foliage and vibrant life. We don’t live in a vacuum, we are constantly enveloped in the earth’s atmosphere, breathing its air. As long as we have an ample supply of air, we hardly take notice of it. However, when we find ourselves in an open landscape, it feels as if we are suspended in emptiness. Open spaces evoke a sense of freedom and liberation, but they also remind us of our insignificance in comparison to the vastness of our planet.

Similarly, the forest offers a comparable sensation. It provides a unique perspective on our own stature, urging us to look up at the towering trees. They seem to beckon us, saying, “Please, take a moment to gaze upon us, and realise how far our branches sway from your eyes.” Yet, the forest is not solely comprised of trees. It is also home to shrubs, small plants that carpet the forest floor, and even the decaying trunks of fallen trees. These elements intertwine, forming an extraordinary abstract pattern of biological matter. Nature continuously weaves its intricate carpet, utilising living organisms, aided by the wind, sun, and rain. A painting of the forest attempts to capture a fraction of this awe-inspiring abstract display of nature’s creativity.

This particular artwork is a diptych, consisting of two canvases measuring 140 x 110 cm each. While they can be exhibited separately, I highly recommend displaying them together in the same room. By doing so, you can bring a piece of the forest’s enchantment into your home. Beyond the traditional white walls, these captivating artworks have the ability to breathe life and personality into your space, creating a new visual experience.

If you find yourself captivated by this artwork, please do not hesitate to reach out to me. I would be delighted to provide you with further information or assist you in acquiring this piece for your collection.


The forest is a diptych, crafted on two 140 x 110 cm canvas using oil as the medium. It is an example of quite a large wall art abstract piece for the living room. 

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