Other techniques

In this gallery, I present works on paper made with other techniques on paper and cardboard. I like to mix techniques. Sometimes I use tried and tested methods that other artists have also used. Sometimes, my own mixed technique arises spontaneously during the creative process. I can then describe the work as being made with my own technique.

Paul Klee’s other  techniques

My favourite master for my own techniques is Paul Klee. He is called a painting alchemist. He left a number of works made on cardboard. It would be interesting to make an analysis of his technique. Throughout his life, Klee kept notes on his creative process. Within them, he theorized on all aspects of pictorial production that now have similar importance for modern art as had Leonardo’s writings which composed his theory of painting for Renaissance art.


Some of the works presented here have been exhibited in my individual exhibitions or in group exhibitions. I like to compose exhibitions from works made with different techniques. When oil paintings are accompanied by prints or work in my other techniques. This is how I can show my creative process, my research, and its results. An exhibition is an important event for an artist. It is a kind of summary of a certain period of work. In the gallery space, unlike in the studio, one can see the works, observe their relationships and subsequently accept them. The reactions of the audience are also important. However, the most important thing for the artist is the first moments spent alone with the exhibition of his own works. This is when the works become detached from the artist. This is a moment of relaxation. They take on a “life” of their own, which is given to them by other people.