Printmaking is a special kind of art. Graphics can be reproduced in multiple copies. And each piece of art is an autonomous work. This allows a kind of bilocation – the artist can be present in several places at once. But before this can happen, a matrix has to be made – the base from which the print is created. The work on the matrix can be tedious, but the moments spent with its matter are a kind of meditation.

Classical techniques

Over the centuries, artists have developed techniques, such as etching, lithography, and others,  that we call classical. They require a well-equipped workshop. Now that printmaking has become a means of artistic expression, many artists are experimenting with different materials and printing methods.  I like to explore my own techniques. Sometimes cheap material gives good results. The strength of printmaking forms. You can express so much through the shape on the white paper background!


I print my graphics in small runs. Most often – 30 pieces. Printing is not fascinating. Although there is something magical about seeing the same image in multiple copies which are smelling of fresh printing ink. The first prints are the most interesting. That's when you can see if the matrix reflects what I intended. Almost always, the first print is a clue to further work on the matrix. But when that first print shows that I'm going in the right direction, that the work can end up in a good painting – that's when the joy is!

The first prints from a given master also show its potential. Every material has its own characteristic trace in the reflection. Printmaking – is a search for traces.