Creation in drawing – a way to note first ideas for next step

Creation in drawing comes first. It is a kind of notebook for the artist. It has been that for artists over the centuries. By drawing, he or she writes down his or her first drawing ideas or sketches already more advanced designs for works to be created in other techniques, such as for example oil paintings, or graphics. Drawings by famous Italian renaissance artists, such as those by Leonardo da Vinci, are an integral part of the world’s artistic output. Actually, the artist’s life is filled with drawings. Lines drawn with a pencil or other tool allow for the recording of not only thoughts but also visible things. 

Drawing as individual work

But a drawing can be an autonomous work, a finished work. In this gallery, I show such drawings. Most of them are in pen and ink technique. This technique allows for precision, differentiation of textures, and strong contrasts, even in a small format. When the first drawing is made, I immediately feel the need to draw another. It seems that I haven’t yet expressed everything in the first one. This is how cycles are created, drawing after drawing. Finally, I give them titles. Numbering the drawings would be the easiest thing to do. However, although they belong to the same thematic cycle, each one is different. I emphasize this with different titles. The drawings are an integral part of my artistic work; I present them here on this site, or in exhibitions together with other works.

Creation in sketches

But there are drawings in my sketchbook – I call them primary drawings. These are little sketches of my primary ideas. It happens often, that in a first emotional reaction, I don’t accept them, they don’t seem interesting enough to me. However, after some time, when I see them again, I discover value in them. That’s why it’s worth taking notes and going back to the notes, working patiently with my own imagination. To be understanding with yourself.

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