Several galleries are presented in the Gallery category. These individual galleries present works made in the following techniques: oil technique, printed graphics, and drawings. The division of the presentation according to the making technique helps to systematize the show. Although it does not accurately reflect the creative process. The artist often works with several techniques simultaneously. This is related to the course of the creative process itself. The artwork is a record of the artist’s emotions and experiences. It is the result of a search for the right form of expression. During this search, the artist uses various tools. Works made in different techniques are created at the same time, in parallel with each other.

Dynamic gallery

Gallery – that word sounds noble. The first association – it’s a bright, white interior. There are paintings arranged on the walls in such a way that we can look at them in concentration. Move sequentially from one to the next. Then the viewer talks to the paintings, and they can convey to him the emotions of their creator. This is when the art begins. In these brief moments of the viewer’s concentration on a particular work of art. Nowadays, it is increasingly popular to present artworks on the Internet. This is a chance to give a quick show to viewers from all over the world. Malexander Art Gallery is taking advantage of this opportunity. The galleries are being supplemented with new works by Jolanta Johnsson. The exhibition is dynamic. New works appear others find buyers and new venues.