A structure is a certain configuration of matter. Matter surrounds us everywhere. It always exists in the form of some structure. In everything, form, object. In every animate or inanimate being. Nature is very inventive. It plays with the matter. It shows it to us in countless ways in everything so it has created and is creating. What’s more, the same entities, made up of a single matter and a given structure, show themselves to us in successive and numerous manifestations in a different light, and weather. Our moods and emotions also influence the way we perceive them. Structures are fascinating. They create their own architecture of unique patterns. I watch them with delight, registering them in my paintings in the knowledge that I am trying to retain only a small part of them.

To build a structure

When I build the structure of an image I try to retain it as if photographing a fragment of the one observed in nature. But even in this small fragment, there are so many complex elements that the only solution to creating an image is to simplify. My tools are the brush, and my medium of expression is painting. I am subject to their physical limitations. Therefore, a painting will always remain an interpretation of what we see. You can say this is a pity, and you can see in it an opportunity for the artist. In interpretation, there is room for personal expression, even of such a complex subject as a structure from nature. Whatever it may be.