The sea is huge. When I am on the shore of the sea I always feel its vastness and then think what a small creature man is in relation to this element of nature. The sea seems boundless to us. And yet we know it has limits. Maps show it to us. For me, it is always associated with a distant horizon. The straight line of the horizon announces something incomprehensible, something that we only intuit. The most appropriate word is infinity. But when I’m at the seashore I don’t always think of ultimate things. The sandy or rocky seashore is so interesting that my attention is drawn to the plants and animals, the waves and the rhythm of their crashing against the shore, and the sound of the wind. These impressions make me eager to go to the seaside. We stay by its shore, we bathe. The ocean offers people many positive experiences, but it can also be dangerous. You should feel the awe of the hudge water.

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