A portrait is a special kind of image of a person. A portrait is a gateway to his or her inner self. I make portraits in a variety of techniques. Graphic, drawing, and painting portraits are present in my work. I do not paint from a live model. I don’t try to make the portraits of the people depicted bear a resemblance to anyone. I want to express through them something more than just marking the presence of a particular person. I want them to tell a story about people as broadly as possible. A portrait, by definition, shows a face, a head. That is a fragment of a figure. Can I express so much through this fragment? The face, its uniqueness, and the richness of its facial expressions give me many possibilities. The face records a whole life, successes, and failures, moments of happiness, sadness, melancholy, euphoria, and other emotions. They sculpt a person’s face and form their truest portrait.

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