Portraits are a unique way to capture and preserve a person’s inner emotions and experiences. Malexander Art Gallery is proud to present an extraordinary selection of portraits that showcase the personality and humanity of anonymous, unknown individuals.

A portrait is a special kind of image of a person. A portrait is a gateway to his or her inner self. I make portraits with a variety of techniques. Graphics, drawings, and painting portraits are present in my work. I do not paint from a live model. I don’t try to make the portraits of the people depicted bear a resemblance to anyone. I want to express through them something more than just marking the presence of a particular person. I want them to tell a story about people as broadly as possible. A portrait, by definition, shows a face, a head. That is a fragment of a figure. Can I express so much through this fragment? The face, its uniqueness, and the richness of its facial expressions give me many possibilities. The face records a whole life, successes, and failures, moments of happiness, sadness, melancholy, euphoria, and other emotions. They sculpt a person’s face and form their truest portrait. Do we have confidence in the portraits? Do they convey to us the truth about people? This subject is very important in the case of people of whom we have only their portraits left. Historians are trying to decipher important information about the past from their images. At a time when there were still no photographs, painted or drawn portraits are the only source of information about the people who came before us.