Scream paint

Scream paint – scream face painting


The scream painting serves as a powerful expression of protest against the pervasive wickedness that plagues our world on a daily basis. It is disheartening to witness the overwhelming presence of bad news in the media, as it seems that almost every aspect of life is marred by unfortunate events. It is truly perplexing how mankind, with its remarkable qualities such as reason, the yearning for goodness, the pursuit of dignity, and the innate desire to assist others, struggles to establish harmony within our own abode – planet Earth.

Regrettably, people continue to engage in conflicts amongst themselves, escalating to the point of waging wars on a grand scale. These battles are fought for dominance, the acquisition of new territories, control over valuable resources, and even for international recognition. The responsibility of managing these conflicts falls upon politicians, who are elected as representatives of their respective nations through elections that may or may not be entirely fair.

As these power elites amass wealth, they exhibit a reluctance to share their abundance with the less fortunate. It is a lamentable reality that leaves me feeling helpless and prompts me to scream out in frustration. I find myself questioning why this disparity persists, as it seems there are countless reasons to voice our discontent.

It is a disheartening reality that compels us to question why there are so many reasons to scream.

I cry through the scream paint. I would like in scream face painting  of a man who embraces his head with his hands to support it in a moment of intense screaming to represent all sensitive people in the world.