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Print on canvas: the modern twist to traditional art prints

A canvas print serves a similar purpose as a painting on canvas. With advancements in printing technology, print on canvas have gained popularity. The durability of canvas as a substrate makes these prints more long-lasting compared to prints on paper. Moreover, canvas has a strong association with traditional paintings that have withstood the test of time, as we admire them in museums. Therefore, for some viewers, a printed photograph or digital image on canvas can be seen as a noble form of art, akin to a painting.

While some artists consider the print on canvas as an integral part of their painting process, my approach is entirely different. I create oil paintings on canvas using traditional methods, relying on my hand, brush, paints, and my own artistic vision as my tools.

Additionally, I also delve into the realm of digital images. Nature and humanity serve as my primary inspirations, and I use these digital pictures as a means to offer my commentary on reality. I incorporate landscapes I have encountered and people who are both familiar and unknown to me. Through my art, I strive to push the boundaries of reality, seeking to explore the unknown and discover what lies beyond.

My digital paintings act as an invitation for viewers to peer into the hidden depths of the real world. These depths reside within us, within our minds and hearts, waiting to be explored and understood.

Print on canvas can be a perfect gift. Print on canvas does nor exclude print on paper. Both forms of print can present the theme equally well. However, they differ in the way they are framed. The canvas print should be stretched over a stretcher bar. It may then be framed, just like a painting.
A paper print requires a frame with glass or pre-transparent plexiglass.

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