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Unlock the Power of Color: How Paintings Can Transform Your Interior Design


Color is a captivating phenomenon that shapes our perception. We can revisit our physics lessons from school to understand the intricacies of our color vision. When white light, consisting of various colored waves, illuminates an object, the rays of light bounce off the object and enter our eyes. This is the general process, but as an artist, I must confess that I seldom ponder over it. Instead, I rely on my keen sense of sight to capture what I observe and translate it onto the canvas of my paintings.

When I find myself in a meadow, the sight before me fills me with delight. I perceive the meadow as a piece of untamed land, untouched by human intervention. Here, nature is allowed to flourish freely. The meadow is adorned with lush greenery, where plants of all sizes coexist, reaching towards the heavens, and blossoming with their delicate flowers. The sheer abundance of these plants creates a tapestry of vibrant colors, forming a carpet so beautiful that it would be a shame to disturb it with each step. Despite being an ordinary and commonplace sight, we often fail to appreciate the beauty of meadow flowers. They are not deemed suitable for bouquets presented during significant milestones in our lives. Unlike roses, which do not grace meadows, it is the grass and other plants that thrive in this natural habitat, often considered as mere weeds in our cultivated gardens. However, each of these petite plants is a testament to nature’s artistry, meticulously constructed with logic and symmetry, although occasionally deviating from the norm to create unique and individualistic specimens. Their flowers may be unassuming, yet they are crafted with great care and an innate sense of beauty.

In my paintings, “Green Meadow” and “Pink Meadow,” I pay homage to the verdant splendor of meadows. These artworks serve as a tribute to the vibrant colors in these landscapes. Let us open our eyes and truly appreciate the wonders of nature that surround us. Something other than paintings of roses.

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Green meadow, oil on canvas, 80 x 65 cm   Pink meadow, oil on canvas, 80 x 65 cm


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