Mrs Nobody

Mrs Nobody – is it worth portraying someone who is nobody?

I am asking myself and still I am doing this image. As an artist, I am drawn to exploring unconventional subjects. Why create art about things that are already clear and obvious? That would simply result in a repetitive cycle of what we already know, failing to ignite any interest. Art should be intriguing, inviting viewers to actively engage with it. It should raise questions and provoke thought-provoking answers.
In this monotype, I present to you Mrs Nobody, a figure whose existence is undeniable, even though her name remains unknown. She gazes upon something that only she can see, completely immersed in the enchanting blue alchemy of her body’s color. Folded hands suggest concentration, but does it also imply inaction? A bowed head signals a moment of deep contemplation, or perhaps a tinge of sadness? This Mrs Nobody, in fact, resides within many of us.