Mona Lisa painting in my studio

Mona Lisa Painting in my studio


The portrait of the elderly woman donning a hat stands in stark contrast to the renowned masterpiece housed within the illustrious Louvre Museum in Paris. This particular painting, residing in the heart of Paris, holds the distinction of being the most celebrated artwork in the entire world. Its image is so deeply ingrained in the collective consciousness that even those who have yet to set foot in the Louvre can vividly envision its magnificence.

I am acutely aware of the vast chasm that separates me from the esteemed Leonardo da Vinci, as well as the glaring disparity in recognition between his masterpiece and my humble creation. However, I must confess to a slight audacity, as I have discovered certain parallels in the histories of these two paintings.

“My Mona Lisa – Old Lady in a Hat” is a portrait of an enigmatic woman, unknown to me. The purpose behind this artwork was to depict the embodiment of wisdom that comes with a life well-lived, and the ability to impart that wisdom onto others. However, I must confess that this intention was born from a fleeting glimpse of an unfamiliar woman in a photograph. The creation of this painting was driven by a surge of emotions and an inexplicable, almost subconscious, need within the artist. Therefore, claiming a deliberate intention to paint a specific image is somewhat misleading.

This painting was brought to life in 2013 and, much like the renowned Mona Lisa, it has accompanied me on my journey. Over the years, I have revisited it countless times, adding layer upon layer of paint with each session. Each stroke was driven by a desire to enhance the painting’s expressiveness, as if it had not yet reached its full potential. And so, a decade has passed, and now I feel compelled to allow my old woman to breathe. I want her to gaze serenely at the viewer, her weathered face telling a tale of a life that can be both rich and beautiful, even in old age. Just as she has something to share, so do we.

Simultaneously, I invite you to embark on an imaginative journey. Consider the real Mona Lisa, the historical figure, and envision her in her later years. She resided in Italy, a sun-drenched land. Could it be that she sought refuge from the sun beneath a wide-brimmed hat, much like my own heroine? Let your mind wander and ponder the possibilities.

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