Love is art

Odalisque, intimate drawing by Jolanta Johnsson

Love is art


The statement in the title holds profound meaning. Love is an irresistible emotion, the fulfilment of humanity’s most essential need. It is virtually impossible to exist without love, and some even argue that a life devoid of love is devoid of purpose. This radical notion may appear exclusionary, but the concept of art comes to our rescue. It is the art of sharing with others, and it can manifest in countless ways, accessible to every individual regardless of their circumstances.

When we delve into the word “art” and its significance as an activity pursued by artists, we realise that art is love, and love is artpaintings. True art cannot exist without this profound sentiment, as it serves as a conduit for expression, emotion, and messages.

For me, my art is my passion. I can confidently assert that it chose me before I chose it; it was a love at first sight that has endured for four decades. Within my paintings, drawings, and graphics, I weave tales of this strong emotion. The central theme revolves around the depiction of a man and a woman, the quintessential symbol of love. My aspiration is for these creations to embody love in its entirety, to serve as a testament that love is an art accessible to all.

It is not merely an emotion but an art form that enriches our lives. It is a universal language that transcends boundaries and connects us all. Let us embrace love as an art, allowing it to guide our actions and infuse our existence with meaning and purpose. Some say that what is love is art. I can agree with that. The giving and taking of love is indeed an art that we learn throughout our lives. There is a paradox in this – the art of love – actually unattainable. I don’t think any sensible person would claim to possess it completely, to be a master in it. We are doomed to be in the process. But there is art along the way! Love is art. In case of these drawings – couple love is art.