Intimate drawings

Unveiling the beauty within the world of love in intimate drawings


Intimacy is a sacred realm, a space that not everyone can enter. Each of us sets the boundaries for this personal sphere. When we start defining the limits of our intimate space, it signifies the end of childhood. It marks the irreversible loss of the innocence we once had, when life was blissfully free from divisions and boundaries. However, this realisation should not bring sadness, for it is the natural course of life. Intimacy is a precious treasure trove, filled with thoughts, desires, longings, and beliefs that we are not eager to share openly. If we were to reveal everything, what would be left for ourselves? Moreover, there is the intimacy of our physical bodies. We safeguard it, concealing it beneath clothing and disguises. Our bodies take on different forms, like a playful game we engage in with our own intimate selves. It may appear complex and tiresome, but when love enters the picture, boundaries crumble, and zones of intimacy merge to create a shared sense of wholeness and well-being. These are the sentiments I wished to convey through these small love intimate illustrations done by pen and ink. Physical art intimacy as  drawings can be all the more intimate when it is small in size. It tells, as it were, quietly about important matters that should not be spoken about aloud, but in whispers.

Hidden love, drawing by Jolanta Johnsson
Hidden lovers
pen, ink 30 x 24 cm year of creation 1997

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