Faces paintings – The Poet

Faces paintings – face of the Poet 


The Poet is a piece of art, expertly crafted on a 73 x 92 cm canvas using oil as the medium. It is an example of a painting which could be included in the definition of fine art as faces paintings.

The poet is a master of words, skilfully capturing and expressing our deepest emotions and desires. As ordinary individuals, we often struggle to find the right words to convey our thoughts and feelings. Our minds are a whirlwind of thoughts, emotions, and desires, blending together in a complex tapestry. This is the essence of the human psyche, a beautiful manifestation of life itself.

The poet possesses a unique ability to describe these intangible aspects of human existence. When I read a poem by a talented poet, I often find myself deeply connected to the subject matter. The poet articulates what I have always sensed but could never put into words. This is the incredible power of poetry – it unveils the hidden layers of our rich psyche, allowing us to discover what lies within our hearts and minds.

However, there exists another language beyond words – the language of imagery. In this art type, sounds are silent, and the sense of sight takes precedence. Unlike words, images do not require precision or specificity. They can be open to interpretation, allowing for multiple meanings and perspectives.

Face of the poet, for instance, captures the essence of a contemplative individual. With his face cradled in his hands and his gaze fixed in an indeterminate direction, we can only imagine the thoughts and sights that occupy their mind. Perhaps another poem is being born within their imagination?  I concentrated on the depiction of his eyes. Paintings of eyes are telling. Generally oil paintings of faces are powerful mean of expression.

In my painting, I sought to symbolise the creative spirit of the poet. While the poet wields words, I wield my paints and canvas. Together, we support and complement each other’s art forms. I have painted the poet’s portrait in a manner that invites him to create countless poems to describe it. The painting becomes an extension of the poet’s words, merging two distinct art forms into a harmonious whole.

How fortunate it is that these two forms of expression exist – words and images. They possess the power to captivate and inspire, allowing us to delve into the depths of our souls and minds. Faces paintings are example of this.


The Poet, oil on canvas, 73 x 192 cm, year of creation 2013

In my studio, a common occurrence takes place where the drawing precedes the creation of the painting. Such was the scenario with the canvas painting titled “The Poet.” Although the drawing does not serve as a mere sketch for the painting, it stands as an independent work of art. However, I felt compelled to present the portrait alongside a hand, painted with oils. Consequently, two distinct poets were born – one captured in the timeless elegance of black and white drawing, while the other flourished in hues of color. Drawing&painting cooperate together.

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