Faces painting – Sunrise time

Faces painting

Can multiple faces drawing be depicted in a single image? If we were to create a digital image using a graphics program, this task would be quite simple. Each face could be placed on a separate layer, allowing us to toggle the visibility of each layer and view the faces individually. Alternatively, by reducing the transparency of each layer, the faces would overlap and form a collective image, akin to a painting of faces. But would such an image be interesting? The answer is not so clear. Interesting images are not born out of mechanical and repetitive actions. 

However, the scenario changes when an artist has a canvas and paints at his disposal. With a single layer of ground and unlimited possibilities for layering paints, a structure is formed, creating a third dimension. This structure can be felt through touch, as well as by the brush. When the artist applies another layer of paint, the brush leaves its mark in a specific manner, influenced by the artist’s gestures, the pressure of their hand, and the contours of the structure they encounter. This delicate and unique act serves as the foundation upon which the painting is constructed. Alongside this process are the artist’s emotions, their connection to the subject being portrayed, and their desire to express these sentiments. This is how a faces painting comes to life, containing as many faces as there are viewers. It captures the expressions they wear when witnessing a sunrise, just as she does. The sky, already a vibrant blue, promises a beautiful day, a new beginning for each of us. Interesting faces to paint is a complex process.


Sunrise time, oil on canvas, 73 x 92 cm, year of creation 2013


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