Drawings of love

In the embrace of love, drawing by Jolanta Johnsson
In the embrace of love

Drawings of love


Two sentimental drawings depicting the essence of love, capturing its indescribable beauty and profound meaning. My intention is to allow the viewer to immerse themselves in these artworks, to be moved by their influence, and to ponder whether love can truly be deciphered through these images. However, as it is expected for an artist to discuss their work, I shall emphasise the unique format of these drawings. The elongated shape and slender silhouettes of the figures create a vertical, upward trajectory. This verticality symbolises something sublime, something we yearn for. Ascending represents defying the limitations of gravity, evoking a sense of freedom akin to the flight of birds, which we often envy. Imagine if we could soar together, locked in an embrace, crossing the threshold into garden of delight. The protagonists of my drawings remain grounded, yet their aspirations reach for the heavens. They embody a mutual love that is conveyed through the simplest of gestures. These drawings of love are a testament to the power and purity of love. Maybe drawings lovers like my pictures about love. Works of art are real when they are authentic. When they have a connection to the artist and his experiences. Every of these two pieces is not abstract love drawing. I am happy to experience this feeling and I draw it simply in a sentiment drawing.

When figurative drawing is about love, I wonder if it is possible to draw an abstract drawing of love. Can the language of abstraction make a statement about this subject? The attempt seems tempting.



Lovers, ink, guache, charcoal, 98 x 61, 5 cm


Love, ink, guache, charcoal, 98 x 61, 5 cm

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