Blog about art

Blog about art is a series of articles in which Jolanta Johnsson talks about what is happening in her art, and shares her thoughts on art. Much has already been written about art. There are specialists in writing about art: art historians, art critics, curators, and cultural publicists. Many of them have a broad knowledge of art. They are able to speak and write wisely and interestingly, link different phenomena, to point out relationships and contexts. This way of promoting knowledge about art is very important. Art is not created in a vacuum. It is dependent on many social, economic, or cultural phenomena. In fact, we cannot say that we know anything about art if we do not take into account the contexts in which it is created. There is another way of talking about art. It is the statements of artists. People who create art. Only they can tell what the others cannot. The artist is a medium in a process. It is a process that is to some extent mysterious, and not fully understood by the artist himself. This process is not filled with words (in the case of the visual artist). After all, he expresses himself through visual means. It can be said that he does not need words. And yet, when the visual artist has the ability and the desire to communicate something about how his art is made – these stories become extremely valuable confessions. They complement the knowledge imparted to us by educated publicists, curators, or art historians. So, let’s blog for art.