Before me and you

Before me and you are matters to be clarified

Between you and me there are still numerous topics to be discussed. This is the sentiment conveyed by the woman depicted in this painting. Through my art, I aim to delve into the human experience. What could be more significant than exploring the inner workings of an individual, the intangible yet undeniably real aspects of our psyche? Our psyche encompasses an immeasurable realm of experiences, signals, and messages that we transmit to one another. We yearn to be understood and accepted, and to achieve this, communication is paramount. In this artwork, the woman turns towards her companion, her hands covering her face, as if conveying a message – there is still a future for both of us. Her captivating blue eyes gaze directly ahead, on the person in front of her, invisible to us. Or perhaps she is simply looking at us while we are standing in front of the painting, and therefore in front of her. Perhaps she has something to say to us? Or maybe we are saying something to ourselves, or asking ourselves a question?

The interpretation, however, is left to the viewer’s imagination. Before me and you is the task to figure out how to explain the message of this image.