Abstractionism artworks – Cheerful red image

Abstractionism artworks – Cheerful red image


I am writing about a singular painting, yet I am using the plural form. It is as if multiple paintings exist within this one artwork. In the case of this particular painting, this notion holds true. It can be dissected into several distinct compositions, each standing independently. I invite you to engage with it. Take a piece of paper and create a square or rectangular window, then observe the image through this opening. Move it around and discover your own unique compositions. This interactive exercise can yield diverse outcomes with each attempt. This is the essence of abstractionism artworks  – they are inherently ambiguous and boundless in its manifestations.

Abstract forms are often associated with geometric shapes. While geometric forms exist in our consciousness, they do not truly exist in reality. Is there a perfect square or circle that we learn about in school lessons? Although they are intangible, they serve as models for many practical applications and are well-suited for depicting complex phenomena.

The image showcases an amalgamation of geometric and biological forms within a vibrant red backdrop. The arrangement of these elements suggests movement, infusing the image with a dynamic essence. The inclusion of the word “cheerful” in the title is not coincidental – I deliberately chose it to evoke a smile on the viewer’s face. My intention is to share the joy of life and the boundless energy it radiates. This image can serve as a wellspring of optimism and ignite a desire to take action.


Cheerful red image, oil on canvas, 80 x 60 cm, year of creation 2020

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