Abstractionism artist about love

Abstractionism artist can tell about love

Abstractionism artist utilises simplistic forms that are devoid of meaning and more abstract than irregular shapes. The latter often evoke associations with botanical or animalistic forms. When these shapes are imbued with structure, they create a captivating abstract image that transports the viewer to various landscapes such as forests, fields, or mountains. Such images evoke a multitude of associations.

In this particular painting, I present simple, almost geometric forms that I have used to construct two figures – a man and a woman. These figures are entangled in each other’s feet, deviating from the conventional portrayal of a pair extending their hands towards one another. Typically, people connect through their hands, but here, the woman timidly extends her hand from beneath a red shape, as if afraid to disrupt her abstract silhouette. The shape and gesture of her hand add an element of intimacy to the scene.

Through this artwork, I aim to convey, once again, the story of two individuals deeply immersed in the realm of love. By depriving them of their facial features, I have rendered them lifeless and devoid of personality. They are seamlessly integrated within the geometric divisions of an anonymous space, characteristic of abstract art. Abstraction serves as a means to encapsulate multiple concepts within a single image, which is perhaps why abstract art enjoys such widespread popularity.

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