Abstraction artwork – Blue landscape

Abstraction artwork – Blue Geometric Landscape painting: a journey beyond boundaries

The title “Blue Geometric Landscape” alludes to an intriguing scene that awaits exploration. A landscape, in essence, captures a moment in time, immersing us in its beauty. As we pivot and follow the vista before us, akin to adjusting a camera on a tripod, a captivating landscape unfolds. However, the expanse of my eyes’ vision surpasses the confines of any fence I possess. This canvas, measuring 120 cm in width, though limited, holds the potential to convey an artistic creation. Yet, it also allows me to suggest and allude to something beyond its physical boundaries.


Inviting the viewer to geometric landscaping

In the case of this painting, I extend an invitation to the viewer to embark on a journey along the horizontal lines that traverse the canvas. These lines, seemingly stretching from nowhere to nowhere, liberate us from the constraints of predetermined starting and ending points. Let us surrender ourselves to the gentle undulations of these waves, boldly intersecting the sharp edges of geometric divisions. In this artistic realm, we shall disregard the rigidity of geometry, for life itself defies such linear definitions. The juxtaposition of these undulating levels against the straight lines only enhances their allure, beckoning us to explore further.

This geometric landscape painting serves as a reminder that abstraction artwork, like life, is not confined to straight lines but thrives in the harmonious interplay of contrasting elements. Geometric landscape art has a special power.



Blue geometric landscape, oil on canvas, 120 x 100 cm, year of creation 2014

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