Abstracted art

Abstracted art – Grow up


Abstracted art aims to represent real objects or ideas in a non-representational manner. This task is undoubtedly challenging, and one may question its worth. However, it aligns with our human inclination towards generalisations and saturations. By thinking in broad terms, we can comprehend our complex world more easily. Although there are countless general concepts, they provide us with a purpose in our quest to understand the world.

My abstract painting, titled “Grow Up,” captures the essence of the growth process. The title itself evokes memories of the calls we often heard during our childhood and youth, urging us to mature and expand our knowledge. Growth, in its general form, signifies life itself. Nature, with its boundless creativity and ingenuity, presents us with numerous examples of this phenomenon. Among them, plants stand out as a prime illustration.

Unlike wild animals, plants remain rooted in the ground, allowing us to observe their gradual transformation without any haste. Day by day, we witness their growth, the emergence of leaves, and the blossoming of flowers. It is this remarkable manifestation of life that inspired the creation of this painting, born out of sheer admiration.

Abstracted art challenges us to perceive reality in unconventional ways. “Grow Up” serves as a visual representation of the growth process, reminding us of the universal call to mature and expand our understanding.


Grow up, oil on canvas, 92 x 73 cm, year of creation 2018

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