Abstract artists

Abstract artist painting a composition Earth and the Sun


An abstract artist creates non-representational paintings, which is a logical pursuit. However, the term “abstract artist” itself is rather elusive. Could it be that, as individuals, these artists are as undefined as the compositions they bring to life? We tend to simplify things, so when we encounter a name alongside a non-representational painting, we assume the creator is an abstract artist. Yet, this artist is not entirely abstract – they are a living person who expresses themselves through their artwork. And because they have a multitude of ideas to convey, they choose the abstract form of composition to engage the viewer in a dialogue with their painting, allowing the viewer to freely interpret it. However, this freedom is not boundless. The artist subtly guides the viewer’s thoughts through the colors and forms, suggesting a particular direction.

My painting, “Earth and the Sun,” captures a small fragment of the earth that often goes unnoticed unless we take a moment to observe the ground beneath our feet. This tiny piece is adorned with speckles of various shapes, transformed into glistening gemstones by the sun’s rays, akin to a scene from a fairy tale. The image possesses an enchanting quality, promising treasures that are within our grasp if we simply extend our hand. Everything that blankets the earth, including this minuscule patch beneath our feet, is teeming with a diverse array of particles. These particles come together to form abstract compositions that bring immense joy to the abstract artist. And thus, a painting is born.


Earth and the Sun, oil on canvas, 161 x 50 cm, year of creation 2020

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